Facebook And the US Attempt To Silence Conservative Voices By Branding Them as ‘Fake News’ (VIDEO)

Next News Network’s Founder Gary Franchi appears on RT Internatoinal and reveals the disasterous ramifications for Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook, and the United States for attempting to silence conservative voices by branding them as ‘fake news’.

From writer Ryan L. Blackletter:

“We will need an alternative to Facebook if Zuckerberg succeeds in his obvious intention to limit alternative news sources. I imagine the only reason we don’t have a Facebook competitor is because Zuckerberg has paid millions to potential competitors, then destroyed sites in secret. If he is willing to appease Chinese censors, he is capable of practically anything. And I’m tired of hearing how we are guests here at FB. We guests have made him rich, and now he will treat us like children who may only select from Snopes-endorsed media. It’s time for the Zuckerberg era to fall. He is another monster of the left who intends to keep people stupid and controllable under the cover of ensuring journalistic integrity.”

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