Obama Throws A Farewell Party Despite Florida Airport Attack…And That Couldn’t Be More DISTURBING ( VIDEO )

While covering the Florida airport shooting , media interviewed Governor Rick Scott.

During the interview, one of the things that stood out was Scott’s comment that President Obama had not called him, but that he, Scott, had spoken to President-elect Trump and Vice President-elect Pence several times.That pretty well says who is our REAL President! This perhaps already shows the shifting of power.

After such an event, one would think that the sitting President would be on top of it and call Scott.

Obama ultimately did call, but not until after Scott commented on his failure to do so.

For reference, Presidents typically reach out the governors of states that are facing a tragedy or crisis. During Obama’s time in office, he too has made this a general practice.

But Obama and Scott have not had a very amicable relationship over the last several years. In fact, after the Pulse Nightclub terrorist attack in Orlando last year, Obama never reached out to Rick Scott and denied Scott’s request to declare a state of emergency in the Sunshine State.

Perhaps he was busy preparing for his White House Farewell Party ,read more about it here : http://blingnews.com

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source: http://www.youngcons.com



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