Should Donald Trump Ban Sharia Law In The United States?

Many states, Texas included, have taken steps to make sure that Sharia Law doesn’t creep into our judicial system. It’s time to take this movement nationwide.

A few years back, France took the controversial step of banning people from wearing the full burka, the Muslim head covering which completely covers everything except the eyes. The French government was raked over the coal by liberals, and the Huffington Post lambasted the French government for racism.
But it worked.

According to the British outlet The Telegraph, the French Burka ban has been very effective, and the data speaks for itself.

Despite some high-profile protests, France’s banning of the burka is enormously popular with the public. Unfortunately, as in Britain, almost anything politicians do that the voters approve of tends to be denounced as populisme – a particularly dread charge among the over-earnest French political class – and instead of enjoying the deserved benefits, President Nicolas Sarkozy has found himself on the defensive.

So why, you ask, is banning Sharia Law even an issue when we have our own laws?

It’s simple. In cases where current US law is vague or where it doesn’t cover, judges have often turned to international law to interpret existing US laws, or even legislate from the bench.


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