BOMBSHELL: Seth Rich Police Cover-Up Just Confirmed, Dems Scrambling To Hide It

The revelations about patriot Seth Rich just keep banging on the Clintons’ door. I think they’ll finally have to answer this time.

Seth Rich spent a few hours just before his death in a Washington bar called Lou’s City Bar. The manager of the establishment just revealed, “The police never asked for the surveillance video from that night.” (via WND)

Neither did the police ever interview him, or any of his staff, about the murder. The manager notes that the police did talk to him at a memorial for Rich, but said that they were friendly and informal.

The last place a murder suspect was seen is an absolutely essential place for investigators to comb through. Obviously, securing video footage of the victim is a top priority, as it may also reveal the shooter, or even the attack itself.

The bar manager notes he had Seth Rich’s receipt, and that the police neglected to come pick it up or look for any evidence in the bar.

It doesn’t sound like the police investigated Rich’s murder at all. This bar, surely, would not have been the only source of video in the area.

It’s on a busy street, with many similar establishments nearby, all of which would likely have a video recording for security purposes. Somewhere, a recording of Seth Rich’s murder may have existed.

The manager of Lou’s City Bar notes that his security videos run for thirty days at a time, and then they record over the previous footage. Police had thirty days to come get the tape of Rich, but didn’t bother.

This corroborates what the Rich family investigator said, that the police were told to “stand down,” as we’ve heard many times before. It seems that order may have been for more than just talks with the public. It could also be an order to abandon investigating the murder in any way.

All I know is this — this is not America. Our country is not a place where police can be told not to find a murderer, fail to perform an investigation, or let a patriot get murdered in cold blood, just because he crossed the Clintons and exposed their crimes.

We are not living in some lawless society, are we? When it comes to the Clintons, it seems we are.

Those of us who believe in the rule of law, who know right from wrong, and who love this country, need to step up. We cannot rest until everyone responsible for this murder, and the cover-up, are brought to justice. Or else we will never live in a truly free country again.

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