Boycott Alert!!! Alec Baldwin: Inauguration Day Represents The Beginning Of The End Of Donald Trump.

Baldwin, who is impersonating Trump on Saturday Night Live, told  that he would be counting down until the end of Trump’s presidency from its very first day, Inauguration Day, on January 20.

For actor Alec Baldwin, Inauguration Day represents the beginning of the end of President-elect Trump.

He speculates :”the most reviled candidate in our history” will become President.

Baldwin tweeted:  “Unwanted by a significant majority … of voters.A man who has projected little other than an empty braggadocio and synthetic rhetoric about both his qualifications and plans … but Inauguration Day means the beginning of the countdown to when he will be gone. And he will be gone.January 20. The countdown begins.”

Baldwin’s tweets Thursday are among his most harsh criticism of the President-elect.

Last July, the Concussion actor had actually praised the prospect of Trump becoming the Republican nominee.

“If Trump was the nominee, let alone actually won the election, but even if Trump was the GOP nominee, it’s exactly what we deserve right now with the system we have,” he said during an interview on Sirius-XM’s “The Howard Stern Show.”

“There’s a part of me that would love to see Trump win,” Baldwin added. “I would love to see Trump be the Republican nominee because I’m a huge huge campaign finance reform person. Money has destroyed the American political system. These guys are all like NASCAR drivers with the stickers on of who owns them.”

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