BREAKING: New Clinton Love Child Shows Her Proof And Stuns Everyone

Willahmena Robbins, who goes by Willy Robbins-Clinton, grew up with a doting Bill Clinton as a father. There was just one catch: He was only her father when he was in her house, alone with her and her mother, Bonita Robbins.

It seems that for some reason Bill Clinton has an undying affection for a child he had out of wedlock. Willy, now a 28-year-old woman, shed some light on that as well as why the boys were never treated the same:

“Daddy didn’t like boys. Especially teenagers. He said he remembered being a teenager and that he didn’t want her to come home some day with some version of him. He told me that because of the special bond he had with Chelsea, who was already a teenager when I came about, he had no choice but to make sure his little girl was safe and sound and grew up with a father.”

Willy’s entire story is about to go public mostly, she says, because Hillary found out after all these years when she came across some 8MM film Bill was having transferred for Willy for her birthday:

“She threatened to ‘Foster’ me. The nerve. I’m not going to live in fear of her. If she has me killed I’ll see her in the next dimension we share.”

Her agent, who was seen holding a box of incontrovertible evidence that Clinton is her father, said to expect to see a book deal shortly. In her little box she held Willy’s original birth certificate, signed by Clinton, as well as pictures of him holding her while laying next to her mother in the hospital.

Clinton will have a hard time explaining this one.


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