BREAKING: Paul Ryan Forced To Resign After Murdered Pilot’s Recordings Surface

Paul Ryan will announce his resignation at 9AM Monday, according to LLOD’s newest correspondent in the field, Cynthia Luwhoe. The Speaker, knowing full-well what will happen when that recording gets out, will instead opt to quit and hope he isn’t pursued by federal prosecutors.

Luwhoe reports:

“After hours of nudging contacts in the West Wing, I learned that President Trump has heard the recordings and greenlighted Jueff Sessions to proceed as he sees fit. Ryan, who would face impeachment, censure, removal from office and federal prosecution if convicted of the treason he’s perpetrated against the people who trusted him to be the third most powerful man in the world.”

Ryan has several avenues he can explore, but not having Trump on his side may prove to be tricky. All those times he stepped back and quietly — and sometimes very publicly — disapproved of our President and the leader of our party will come to him in spades when it comes time to start asking for favors…like pardons.

The New York Times will run this story at 8 AM and Ryan himself will be holding a briefing at 9, where he will formally resign as Speaker of the House and as a Congressman.

Trump’s foes will all fall. One by one they will disappear, one way or the other.


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