DINESH D’SOUZA: “Not Since Lincoln, Have The Democrats So Obstinately Refused To Accept The Result Of A Lawful Election” [VIDEO]

Dinesh D’Souza appeared on Fox News’ Hannity show with guest host Kimberly Guilfoyle and Dr. Gina Loudon. Guilfoyle asked D’Souza about President Trump and the media. D’Souza suggested President Trump has a “gladiator style” with the media.

D’Souza told Guilfoyle that the media has decided that the Democrat Party by itself, cannot take down Donald Trump, so the leftists in the media and academia have basically told the media to “step aside” and let them take him down.

D’Souza told viewers that, “Not since the election Lincoln, have the Democrats so obstinately refused to accept the results of a lawful election.”


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