Elderly Woman Says Holy Spirit Told Her To Send American Flag Quilt to President Trump

An 85-year-old Indiana woman has created something unique that President Donald Trump, despite his billions of dollars, couldn’t buy from a store.

Betty Alexander, 85, of South Bend, recently finished making a large American flag quilt for the president,

“When I was thinking ‘who’s this quilt going to be for,’ the Holy Spirit just told me it should be for President Trump,” she said.

Alexander said that the special White House quilt was part of a challenge she made for herself after breaking her hip four months ago.

She has made quilts for her children and grandchildren for years, but she wanted to go beyond what she’d ever done.

That was to be expected from a woman who started Bible school at 69, and spends time at the gym three times a week.

“I’m a busy lady,” she said. “I’m not going to sit around and think about things all day. What I can do, I’m going to do.”

Alexander said she learned her craft the old-fashioned way.

“I just watched my mother do it,” she said.

The quilt would fit a queen-sized bed.

“But he won’t use it for his bed,” she said of the president. “It’s just for show.”

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