First Lady Melania Trump Stuns Everyone In a Bold Red Ensemble at G20 Summit [PHOTOS]

Melania Trump stunned in an eye-catching, red ensemble during her arrival to the town hall spouses program at the G20 summit on Saturday as her popularity soars in the US.

The First Lady showed off her bold style in a grey floral dress with a red coat draped over her shoulders.
Her elegant look was completed with a wide red belt and grey pumps. Melania was greeted by Hamburg’s Mayor Olaf Scholz as she arrived for the spouses program.

Melania, whose favorable ratings have climbed in the past few months, took a few mintues to chat with Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau’s wife, Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, during the event.

She was also seen mingling with other first spouses as the mayor spoke throughout the program.

According to a new Fox News poll, the First Lady isn’t just impressing US citizens with her elegant and bold style.

Fifty-one per cent of voters now view her favorably. That’s a 14-point jump from December and up 16 points from the first Fox News poll last summer.

At that time, only 35 per cent of voters viewed the wife of the now-President Donald Trump favorably and 40 per cent unfavorably. Twenty-four per cent couldn’t rate her.

According to the poll, 28 per cent of voters view her negatively; however, she still falls short of her predecessor Michelle Obama, who had a record high 73 per cent of voters viewing her favorable during her husband’s presidency.
Melania’s husband are also up by a few percentage points with 47 per cent of voters viewing him favorably.

In March, the US president’s favorable percentage was 44 and 38 per cent just before November’s election.

On Friday, the First Lady had a hectic day after being trapped inside her hotel by violent rioters.

The protesters delayed her appearance at the G20 summit, but she still made a grand entrance in a dove white, frilled dress.

Sporting the shoulder-cut dress that was complimented with white stilettos, the former model wore a simple look and seemed to not be phased by the riots.

Earlier, she tweeted support to those hurt by the firebombing rioters in Germany that has left her trapped inside her hotel room.

‘Thinking of those hurt in #Hamburg protests. Hope everyone stay safe! #G20,’ she tweeted.

Her husband retweeted her message after his convoy was forced to take a lengthy detour around the violence.
Melania remained in her hotel room until it was safe as other leaders arrived to the G20.

Other spouses including Theresa May’s husband Philip and French president Emmanuel Macron’s wife Brigette were also told to stay indoors.

When Melania finally made it to the G20 summit on Friday, her first task was to cut the much-anticipated meeting between her husband and Russian President Vladimir Putin short.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said officials sent the first lady in to close the meeting after it ran more than an hour but she failed ultimately, letting the meeting go on for more than another hour.

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