HEADS WILL ROLL! If Kellyanne Is Right, Then This Democrat Will LOSE HIS JOB Tomorrow!

Democrats spend so much time lying about the “republican war on women”, when he truth is THEY are the ones who treat women like dirt.

This week, Democratic Congressman Cedric Richmond made comments about the Presidential senior adviser Kellyanne Conway that can only be described as disgusting.

“Democratic Rep. Cedric Richmond (La.) made a crude joke about White House senior adviser Kellyanne Conway on Wednesday night during the Washington Press Club Foundation dinner.

Richmond joked that Conway looked “familiar” in a position on her knees, referencing a viral photo of Conway kneeling on a couch in the Oval Office, the Daily Caller reported.

“You even mentioned Kellyanne and that picture on that sofa,” Richmond said during his speech to Republican Sen. Tim Scott (S.C.). “I really want to know what was going on there because she really looked kind of familiar in that position there, but don’t answer.”

Kellyanne Conway is not only a brilliant businesswoman, she is also a mother. To make a comment like that shows that you do not have the integrity it takes to serve the American people.

Apparently America agrees, demands for Rep Richmond’s resignation have been FLOODING social media.

Source: https://libertywritersnews.com

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