How Online Therapy Can Improve Your Marriage



             Online therapy can help those with mental health issues, those who want to accomplish a goal, or those who can’t leave their home. Another use for online therapy is marriage counseling. Some may feel that their marriage is doomed if they need therapy, but oftentimes, the problem is due to a miscommunication that a therapist can fix. Even if the couple has a good relationship, therapy can be like maintenance, making sure minor issues are fixed before they become a problem.

Marriages fail for many reasons. Miscommunication is one reason, and a therapist can help one person in the relationship figure out how to get their words across. Another reason is finances, and a therapist can help the couple manage and disclose their finances. Most other reasons for marriage, including parenting reasons, can be remedied through online therapy.

While in-person therapy is good for couples, online therapy can be beneficial for many reasons, including:

Couples Who Can’t Be Together

Couple’s therapy works best when the couples can be interviewed together. Separate interviews are conducted as well, but a therapist needs one where both come in to see how they interact.

Sometimes, the couple can’t do that. Maybe one person is away on a job, or they are separated and don’t feel comfortable joining just yet. A video conversation through Skype can make the couple feel more comfortable, and help those who can’t be together.

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Therapy in Any Place

When the couple is in counseling, they may not be fighting, and may put on a friendly face for the counselor. However, when the couple is fighting at home, online counseling can help the couple resolve the issue right then and there. If the couple is fighting, a counselor knows how to calm them down and keep cool heads.

Any time access allows for couples to give constant updates about their marriage, and help fix any emerging issues they may have. Also, online therapy is good for couples who are always busy, and cannot commit to in-person therapy for long.

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It Can be More Affordable

One reason why couples fight is because of financial issues, and therapy may be off the table because of its cost. While online therapy isn’t free, it can be much cheaper than regular therapy, which will mean that more couples will be tempted to try it. If the reason why the two of you haven’t considered therapy is because of the cost, look to online therapy.

Skype Allows for Body Language

One of the limitations of early online therapy is not being able to see body language. The face and body language of couples could tell you a lot about them, and help the therapist make some educated guesses about the mindset of the couple. A phone conversation or a chat conversation is good as well, but as much of our communication is through our bodies, it is needed to make a good assessment. Thanks to Skype or another video chat app, a therapist can look at the couple’s body language and figure out the underlying meaning behind the words that come out of their mouths.

These are just a few reasons why online couple’s therapy is worth a try. If you are skeptical about the process, talking to an online therapist for a consultation can ease your worries. If your marriage is having problems, but you want to save it, a therapist can be the interventionist who calms both of you down, fixes your communication, and teaches you how to be better towards each other. It is worth it to fix your message, and there is no shame in seeking therapy.

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