John McCain Caught Taking Liberal Donations

John McCain has shown his true colors recently and they are looking more and more blue every day. It seems like McCain has given up on his conservative colleagues and wants to start pushing a more liberal ideology. Why doesn’t he just retire and move on with his life? It seems like his supporters over there in Arizona would be tired of seeing his sliding politics and vote him out of the Senate for good. John McCain, who was once the roots of a conservative America, has had an apparent change of heart over the past few years. Ever since Donald Trump announced he was running for office, it was obvious that McCain was going to fight back.

It has been reported on numerous sources that the John McCain Institute has been caught receiving donations from George Soros. If you are unsure about who this man is, he is a liberal fighter with billions in the bank. He has donated a shocking $100,000 to the McCain institute over the years and that is not the only one. It seems like John McCain would maybe be a little bit more careful of who he took money from.

It has now been reported that he also received donations from Teneo, a for profit company headed by Doug Band. Band has numerous links to former President Bill Clinton and his family. This is shady at best and could amount to more than what it seems.

These are not the only two questionable donations the McCain Institute has pocketed of the years. There were many more that look severely backwards. The worst part about all of the donations is that the institute who prides itself on providing democracy, is unwilling to acknowledge these donations. Now why would they do that?

Are you tired of seeing John McCain lie to Americans?


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