LOL!!! Look What Melania Did To ALL Of Michelle’s Nasty Friends Sent To Ruin Her White House Dinner (PHOTOS)

Michelle Obama may still be enjoying her ongoing post-presidential vacation, but that doesn’t mean this vindictive woman is ready to let go and just allow her replacement to shine in her new role. Perhaps she thought Melania Trump was an easy target when Michelle’s disgusting friends were sent to the State Dinner to do her dirty work, but their nasty plan didn’t exactly work as well as they had hoped. At some point, liberals need to stop underestimating the Trumps or face perpetual humiliation.

On top of being the picture of class, elegance, and compassion, nothing could burn Mrs. Obama more than Melania’s skyrocketing approval ratings. She’s won over the world with the way she carries herself, which is a refreshing sight for sore eyes use to seeing Michelle for eight years, who also seems to refuse to just go away. At the recent White House State Dinner, Melania was blindsided with a reminder that the Obamas are still sticking around and stalking them, even when they’re a world away in Indonesia. That still didn’t stop the classy couple from getting the perfect, effortless revenge.

Perhaps it’s Melania’s perfection that the left can’t stand since they have nothing else to criticize her for. However, the liberal media just found something to target her for and are probably wishing that they just stuck to their duties of their job rather than doing Michelle any favors in their reporting of this event.

The Mirror reports:

“Melania Trump’s style has come a long way since Donald’s election campaign and we’ve seen her sporting much more tailored looks. But her most recent outfit to meet Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the White House, has been met with a bit of criticism.”

Melania wore a summery yellow gown that was not only fit for the season and reflective of her cheerful personality, but she looked stunning and appropriate it in. That opinion was apparently not shared among her detractors who thought it wasn’t the right ensemble for the occasion and criticized her appearance.

The main complaint seemed to be that her bold choice in pattern and color was better suited for a garden party rather than a formal event. However, the tailoring, neckline, and sleeve suggest otherwise and people who don’t dress nearly as classy as Melania are in no place to offer their two cents – especially when they have recently praised Michelle’s horrifically risque attire at an Italian cathedral that actually does have a very specific dress code.

While Michelle’s liberal media friends were quick to slam Melania for her dress, Melania handled it with class, making them regret their remarks by just being her incredibly elegant self. She didn’t have to do or say anything specifically since the comparison to the left’s “queen Michelle” was all too easy to make with pictures from her most recent vacation before this current one she’s on, which proved whose attire is really inappropriate.

It was only just a few short weeks ago that Michelle was spotted globe-trotting in Europe wearing several shirts that were holding on for dear life as to not expose her private parts. Even though she’s entitled to look as tacky as she wants, she didn’t even consider the venue when getting dressed. Since the left wants to condemn Melania for this very thing, they should be sure that their favorite first lady isn’t guilty of worse before making the ridiculous comparison.

“There are often subtle messages behind Melania’s outfits and perhaps with the yellow hue, she wanted to convey a sense of intellect as well as encouraging cheerfulness and inspiration,” the Mirror’s report continued. We can agree with this and as long as people are suggesting hidden clothing messages, Michelle’s speaks volumes as to the “woman” she is, which is nothing like Melania.

If the worst that Michelle and her media minions can say about Melania is that she wore a cheery dress to a supposedly somber occasion, then our first lady is excelling in her role. She’s not just a political icon, she’s a fashion icon and proves that with every dazzling ensemble she wear…and wears well. Surely this is a shocking sight to see after almost a decade of Michelle’s tasteless, often classless, and always unattractive outfits. She can keep her designers who want to dress her and not Melania because the Trumps have style down in spades and don’t need anyone’s help to look like Michelle.


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