LOL !!! Maxine Waters Can’t Tell MSNBC Host What Her Party Stands For Besides Hating Trump (VIDEO)

Besides Donald Trump, the best thing that happened to the Republican Party in 2017 is the emergence of Democrat Congresswoman Maxine Waters as the self-appointed spokeswoman for her washed up political party. Every time this woman opens her mouth, it becomes comedy gold for the Republicans. What Maxine doesn’t know is that while she’s convinced herself that she’s making strides in destroying the credibility of our current president, she’s actually causing even the most die-hard Democrat to wonder why they ever supported this gaggle of fools…

Rep. Maxine Waters (D., Calif.) struggled Friday on MSNBC to explain what the Democratic Party stands for besides opposing President Trump.

Waters has been one of the most outspoken critics of Trump in Congress, repeatedly calling for his impeachment and insisting that if investigators “connect the dots,” then his campaign’s alleged collusion with Russia will become apparent.

Given Waters’ public profile as a staunch Trump opponent, MSNBC host Katy Tur asked the lawmaker what Democrats actually stand for beyond opposing Trump’s agenda.

“Congresswoman, what do the Democrats stand for other than being against Donald Trump?” Tur asked. “What do you stand for other than trying to get Donald Trump impeached?”

“Everyone knows that I am the ranking member of the Financial Services Committee and that I have spent many, many hours and days implementing the Dodd-Frank reforms,” Waters responded.

The California Democrat proceeded to frame her work on Dodd-Frank in the context of opposing Republicans, which Tur noted.

“We pushed back on the Republicans, we fight against them,” Waters said. “[They] attempt[ed] to go get rid of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau before we came up with the reforms under Dodd-Frank.”

Tur pushed back.

“Are Democrats focusing enough on their ideas?” she asked.


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