Look : Melania Trump Shares Picture Of White House Interns ,1 Detail Immediately Stands Out

Melania Trump Shares Message With Photo Of East Wing Interns.

Standing right beside her…

First lady Melania Trump sent two messages Monday as she posted a photo of herself standing with her White House East Wing interns.

“Thank you to all of our East wing interns for their dedication! The future is bright with these hard workers!” she said in the post, publicly acknowledging the interns who usually work behind the scenes.

The photo also appeared to show that three of the four East Wing interns were female.

“That Conservative Girl” on Mad World News took notice of that fact, writing that that “feminists seem to have conveniently ignored one detail.”

After pointing out that there was only one male among the four interns in the photo, That Conservative Girl added, “This appears to be a feminist’s dream, but those on the left have been notably quiet about it.”

Melania Trump’s post received a warm welcome on her Facebook page.

“So nice to have a first lady who is so humble and appreciative. Thank you WH East Wing Interns for taking care of our First Family. God Bless you all!,” one commenter said.

“I love how you don’t try to keep all the attention to yourself! Thanks for all the times you have recognized the needs, talents and accomplishments of others! You are always seen, but don’t seem to need to ‘steal the show.’. Lead on!” another wrote.

Some commenters said that seeing the interns gave them a feeling of optimism in a world of political sniping.

“These look like very nice and bright young sophisticated and responsible young people and I don’t think they will be a disappointment to the staff at the WH or First Lady Melania Trump. If anything they will try and be that much more elegant and show class in all their tasks moving forward. Don’t trash anyone until first have given them Respect in their new role, but give them the opportunity to show us what they can accomploish. What a hateful society we’ve become of late,” one woman said.

Other’s looked past the politics and focused on the fact that Melania Trump was wearing a dress that she had worn in public before.

“Melania Trump’s official Instagram account featured a photo of the First Lady posing with White House interns, wearing a white, sleeveless Michael Kors dress that fashion observers have seen before. Trump wore the same dress in May 2016, when Donald Trump won the Indiana primary, becoming the presumptive Republican nominee for president,” Vanity Fair wrote.

source: http://www.westernjournalism.com



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