Megyn Kelly Finally Reveals The Real Reason She Quit Fox News

Megyn Kelly has been having trouble lately with her image. People do not trust her for the news and it shows in the ratings that come out. She recently went on Ellen to discuss with her the new show that she has on NBC. She is set to make her daytime show start here very soon. So why not go to the queen of daytime television for some advice.

Ellen asked if Kelly would have President Trump on her show if he offered. Her answer was quite simple:

“Definitely. I mean, I would not say no to the sitting president of the United States.” She explained that one of the reasons she left Fox News in the first place was because of Donald Trump. When Kelly asked Ellen if she would say no to the president she emphatically responded.

“Yeah. I would not have him on the show. He is who he is and he gets enough attention and he has his Twitter account and he has ways to get his message across.”

“There’s nothing I’m going to say to him that’s going to change him and I don’t want to give him a platform, because it just validates him,” DeGeneres added. “And for me to have someone on the show, I have to at least admire them in some way. And I can’t have someone that I feel is not only dangerous for the country, and for me personally as a gay woman, but to the world. He’s dividing all of us. I just don’t want him on the show.”

It is not surprising to see Ellen hate on the president. She is one of the liberal elites, after all. But to see Kelly, someone who calls herself a conservative, dislike Trump the way she does, is pretty shocking.

That is when she admitted that Trump has a lot to do with her exit at Fox. “Just as I was sort of wondering if this is where I wanted to be and how I wanted to live, the universe came and shone a light and it was clear to me what I wanted to do.”

What do you think of this new story? Do you still watch Megyn Kelly?


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