Michele Bachmann Sees What Susan Rice Did To Trump, Instantly Knows What To Do “1000 Times Worse…”(VIDEO)

Susan Rice Surveilling ‘Thousand Times Worse Than Watergate’

“This is how lawless the Obama administration was.”

Former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann believes the apparent surveilling of Donald Trump and his associates by the Obama administration is “a thousand times worse than Watergate” and may well result in jail time for those involved.

Bachmanv responded Monday to multiple reports that former Obama National Security Adviser Susan Rice sought the unmasking of dozens of individuals associated with the Trump campaign and transition team, since  at least last summer.

“This is a thousand times worse than WATERGATE ,” Bachmann said. “This is the only thing the press should be talking about for the next month.”

Bachmann, who served on the House Select Committee on Intelligence also said “This is against the law. What the Obama administration did is  surveAmericans citizens for political purposes to hurt the Trump campaign politically.”

“This is how bold, and how lawless the Obama administration was,” the former congresswoman said.

Bachmann believes the likely reason Hillary Clinton (and presumably other Democrats) have been “throwing around the fake news story that Trump was colluding with Russia was to throw off the scent” of what the Obama administration was up to.

“I think most Americans haven’t even heard of this story yet, but this makes Watergate pale,” she said. “Remember we had a president of the United States resign over Watergate.”

Bachmann contended that “high officials in the Obama administration” may well be going to jail.

President Donald Trump also made the Watergate comparison in a tweet last month.


“The main issue is not only the unmasking of the names,” Fox News reporter Adam Housley observed, “but the spreading of the names for political purposes that have nothing to do with national security and everything to do with embarrassing and hurting Donald Trump and his team.”

Just a few days before Obama left office in January, his administration issued new rules enabling the National Security Agency to share globally intercepted personal communications with 16 other intelligence agencies before applying privacy protections.


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