Must Watch: Trump Releases Video Of McCain Promising To Have Him Uncovered

Arizona Senator John McCain is slowly approaching the end of his career, and many people believe that he is about to experience the deepest low ever.

Let’s not forget that McCain is responsible for the major failure of the latest ObamaCare repeal effort. He joined Democrats and three other Republicans in their effort to stop the repeal procedure. The Cassidy-Graham bill was shut down well before it got the chance to be presented.

President Donald Trump has long warned about McCain’s resistance, blaming him for Republicans’ inability to repeal and replace Obama’s healthcare program. President Trump said that McCain backstabbed voters who thought that he’d help Republicans to repeal the destructive program.

Our leader released a video in which the Republican senator promises to repeal and replace Obama’s signature legislation. Yes, he did this in several occasions, and now turned the back at his Republican fellows.

A few of the many clips of John McCain talking about Repealing & Replacing O’Care. My oh my has he changed-complete turn from years of talk!” President Trump tweeted.

McCain’s supporters thought that this video would never see the light of the day, but they forgot one simple thing. Truth always finds its way out.

The senator is considered a war hero. But, do war heroes go against the country in real life? McCain is one of a kind, and his attitude towards Republicans is more than disappointing. His daughter, Meghan, shares the same ideas. She considers herself a Republican with Democrat views on specific issues.

The Republican is going through the final term in his career in the US Senate, but he won’t give up on his criticism for President Trump. McCain didn’t learn his lesson, and he is trying to convince everyone that he’s doing the right job.

Lawmakers have to repeal ObamaCare as soon as possible. Americans don’t like Obama’s healthcare program, and we all need a better healthcare system. The Arizona senator made a mistake by blocking Republicans, and his supporters are more than disappointed this time.

What do you think about this video of McCain? Will Republicans and Democrats respond to this?


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