DO NOT MISS!!! Donald Trump Pre Inauguration Dinner FULL Speech 1/19/17…Great Words!!!!

“This was a victory for all of us!!!”

President-elect Donald Trump spoke at a pre-inauguration ‘DeploraBall’ dinner tonight and said that “This was a victory for all of us.” During the speech Trump went down what you could describe as his greatest hits list from the campaign season, from swiping at the media (i.e. “A couple of ’em are starting to get honest”) to recounting the scene on election night. He riffed a bit on his Cabinet appointments, said “the other side is going absolutely crazy,” and insisted that he’s satisfied with each person he’s chosen (and would tell people if he wasn’t). He thanked his family and people like Reince Priebus and Kellyanne Conway––the latter of whom briefly joined the president-elect on stage. He praised Conway and said that “when my men are petrified to go on a certain network,” she goes on and “destroys them” instead.

Trump kept hitting upon the theme of people doubting he would make it this far, declaring, “I outworked everybody.”

Donald Trump Inauguration ‘DeploraBall’ Dinner FULL Speech:

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