Pelosi Gets Unintended Response After Knocking Trump on Twitter

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) got an unexpected response after she knocked President Donald Trump and his administration on Twitter Friday morning, tweeting that she hoped there was an adult in the administration who could stand up for Americans.

Pelosi’s tweet appears to be referencing the investigations into Russia’s involvement in the 2016 presidential election and Trump associates having ties to Russia. In similar tweets from Pelosi, the California Democrat used the hashtag “FollowTheFacts” when referencing Trump’s alleged Russian ties.

“We need to hope that there is an adult someplace in the Trump Administration who will stand up for Americans,” Pelosi tweeted on Friday, along with the hashtag “FollowTheFacts.”

Pelosi received unintended backlash from other Twitter users regarding her tweet, calling her “childish.”

One user pointed out there are many intelligent adults in the Trump administration.

Another Twitter follower said Pelosi needs to be more realistic.

Pelosi was even called immature,

Finally, one Twitter user brought up healthcare.


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