After Republican Senator Stabbed Trump in The Back, Sarah Huckabee Exposed Him For Who He REALLY is


Senator Jeff Flake has waged all out war against President Trump and his supporters. Over the weekend, he implied Trump voters are racist and that Trump has ruined the conservative movement.

Flake is an establishment Republican who has been in Congress for nearly 20 years and proudly calls himself a globalist. Sarah Huckabee was asked about his Trump-bashing yesterday, and her response was brutal. (Video Below)

Sarah Huckabee responded to Senator Flake by telling him he should focus more on getting Legislation passed rather than trying to sell books and destroy the President.

Mike Huckabee also responded to Flake calling Trump supporters racist. It’s AMAZING to see Mike and Sarah Huckabee both bury Senator Flake. WATCH the clips below then SHARE on Facebook so this goes viral!


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