Robert Redford Was Asked Probing Question About Trump… With 5 Words Had Reporter Cracking Up(VIDEO)

Robert Redford starts sharing his opinion on President Trump with five attention-grabbing words. Sitting back and relaxing with Larry King himself, Robert Redford begins sharing his thoughts on Donald Trump. Whether he is in support or not would be found out within the first moments of his explanation - one that Larry King has an instant reaction to. When Robert Redford felt comfortable enough to speak his mind and say who Donald Trump really is like, that’s when things started to liven up.

With a big smile across his face, Robert Redford likens President Donald Trump to something no one could have ever guessed. At this point, Larry King couldn’t do anything else than to just laugh.

There are countless opinions of our new president everywhere you turn, but the words coming from Robert Redford are ones you won’t want to miss. Watch his surprising interview in the video below.


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