Trey Gowdy Just Destroyed Any Argument That the Memo Shouldn’t Have Been Released to the Public

South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy took to Twitter Saturday morning to destroy any questions about whether or not the Nunes memo should have been released to the public.

He continued in a follow-up tweet that he is still “confident in the overwhelming majority of the men and women serving at the FBI and DOJ.”

Furthermore, he repeated that he is “100 percent confident in Special Counsel Robert Mueller.” and that the memo does not “discredit his investigation.”

Gowdy has been a strong proponent of the memo’s release and continued transparency of the ongoing investigations.

Before its release, Gowdy said that the classified memo that some members of Congress have said details abuses of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act under the Obama administration would be “embarrassing” to Intel Committee’s ranking Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff.

“I think it will be embarrassing to Adam Schiff once people realize the extent to which he went to keep them from learning any of this,” Gowdy said on “Fox & Friends” Tuesday, according to Breitbart. “That would be the embarrassment.”

When he was asked to clarify, Gowdy pointed out the specifics of Schiff’s efforts to hide the truth.

“I mean, going to court to help Fusion GPS so we can’t find out they paid for the dossier, and that they were working for the DNC. That’s a pretty big step to go to court to try to keep the American people from learning something,” he said. “So, if it were up to Adam Schiff, you wouldn’t know about Hillary Clinton’s email. You wouldn’t know about the server. You wouldn’t know about the dossier. I do find it ironic that he has his own memo right now because if it were up to him, we wouldn’t know any of it.”

“Look, my Democratic colleagues didn’t want us to find this information,” Gowdy said on Tuesday in response. “They did everything they could to keep us from finding this information.”

The U.S. House Intelligence Committee also rejected the possible release of a Democrat-authored “counter memo.”

Gowdy said he had “voted to let the Democrat memo to see the light” so that people could make their own decision about the memos.

“Politics has denigrated to the point where it’s about winning and about embarrassing the other side,” he added.

The recently released memo includes information about what role the infamous “Trump dossier” — commissioned by Fusion GPS and paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democrat National Committee — played in the FBI obtaining FISA warrants to surveil the Trump team.

Rep. Devin Nunes wrote, “(The Committee’s) findings, which are detailed below, 1) raise concerns with the legitimacy and the legality of certain DOJ and FBI interactions with the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC), and 2) represents a troubling breakdown of legal processes established to protect the American people from the abuses related to the FISA process.”

The full text of the memo can be read here.

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