Trey Gowdy Has A New Plan For America!!!

Donald Trump has started his presidency only 3 months ago, but that has not stopped liberals from trying to pick a new president for 2020. This is absurd, as they are going to have to wait another 4 years minimum regardless. And President Trump has been doing a great job keeping his promises so far. Trey Gowdy might have some words on that subject.

Gowdy has been looked at by Republicans for the presidency for a long time now. He is a great conservative who takes great pride in his conservative values. He cares about the values of the United States. That is why he has been picked as a leader to become the next President of the United States. It is early and obviously for right now, we do not have to worry about this. But the liberals are already planning a hard course for their next liberal in office so we cannot take a break.

Conservatives love Trey Gowdy as he is willing to ask the hard questions. He would be a great asset to the White House should he choose to run.

Gowdy is a fantastic conservative who has a legal background that cannot be ignored. He is the chairman of many different committees and has lead the investigation into many happenings. He should be looked at as a great candidate.

If he does want to run, he will be able to get the same votes as President Trump. He has been a great supporter of Trump so far and will continue on this path. Other candidates that have been brought up are people like Senator Warren, and even Michelle Obama.

Michelle Obama has no business being in the White House as a First Lady let alone the president. Hopefully we can continue this country down the conservative path that it is on now.


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