THE MOST UNCOURAGEOUS PRESIDENT Receives A Courage Award…Proceeds To Whine About Current President (VIDEO)

Former President Barack Obama was honoured Sunday, receiving the 2017 Profiles in Courage Award in Boston from the Kennedy family.

There has never been a more UNCOURAGEOUS person in the White House than Barack Obama. He never faced a decision on foreign affairs without backing down. Yes, he’s the one who gave Iran the opportunity to have nuclear capability. Remember the red line with Syria?

When his horrible policies didn’t work out, he never took the blame but pointed at anyone and everyone for his idiotic decisions. Who could forget the Stimulus, the boondoggle of Solendra and Obamacare…He never took responsibility for his failures like a COURAGEOUS man would.

So what did he do when he received the Profile in Courage Award? He begged Congress to keep Obamacare and trashed our current President….Courage?

Show courage? For what? His house of cards, a Marxist scheme to redistribute the hard earned income of the middle class through a fascist health care system? Obama showed how much character when he knowingly and willfully lied to the American people constantly with guile and impudence?

Now this is a travesty. This is worse than giving him he Noble Peace Prize before he did anything, because he has done nothing courageous that we can see.

We couldn’t have voiced our outrage better than Katie Pavlich - Townhall Editor. contributor. The Hill & Pitt-Trib columnist :

“This frickin’ guy”

Former President Barack Obama returned to the spotlight Sunday to accept an award for political courage from the John F. Kennedy family, days after House Republicans won passage of a bill dismantling much of his signature health care law.

The Democrat has made few public appearances since leaving office in January, and has avoided mention of his Republican successor in the White House, even as President Donald Trump has criticized the previous administration numerous times while moving to undo many of Obama’s initiatives.

Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama arrived at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum for a dinner and ceremony to accept the annual Profile in Courage award, named for a 1957 Pulitzer Prize-winning book by Kennedy that profiled eight U.S. senators who risked their careers by taking principled though unpopular positions.

Among the long line of guests who made their way down the red carpet into the library for the event Sunday night were members of the Kennedy family, members of Congress, former Obama staffers and celebrities including former late-night talk show host David Letterman.

David Letterman? Who’s that?


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