A United States Senator Just Accused Barack Obama Of Murder

Senator Sheldon Richards, Republican Junior Senator from Alabama, has outright accused Barack Obama of having a cameraman murdered. In a statement delivered to the Associated Press, Richards said:

“Mike Corning was a fantastic cameraman and because he caught the right image at the right time, he was silenced. This wasn’t just some random conspiracy, either…this was the real deal confirmation.”

What that means exactly is still a bit of a mystery, as Richards won’t yet disclose exactly what was on Corning’s camera that he had to die for. He said his team was wrapping up their investigation now and that everyone involved is accounted for and in safe houses.

The open accusation of a very popular former President whose voice was heard loud and clear in politics two days ago might be an uphill battle, but it seems one Senator Richards is willing to fight. He truly believes that Obama has a reason to have killed his high school friend and has told the press repeatedly that he won’t let it go:

“Mike was my friend. He photographed me at the podium when I won Class President in High School and he photographer me being sworn into the United States Senate a short 28-years-later. He was a good man and he was murdered. That can not stand in these United States.”

Obama hasn’t addressed the accusation other than to dismiss it as “a right-wing conspiracy theory with absolutely no merit.”

The issue will go before a congressional committee to see if it merits further investigation.

Source: http://thelastlineofdefense.org

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