US Curling Team Realizes Something’s Wrong With Its Medals After Taking A Closer Look

The U.S. men’s curling team made history Saturday at the Pyeongchang Winter Games, winning America’s first gold medal in the event.

Skipper John Shuster and company stunned Sweden 10-7 in the final.

Team USA beat the top-ranked Swedes so soundly that they conceded with several rocks to play in the last end.

The Americans’ amazing achievement was immediately dubbed the “Miracurl on Ice.”

The jubilant Shuster and his four teammates — Tyler George, Matt Hamilton, John Landsteiner and alternate Joe Polo — soaked in the chants of “USA! USA!” from the Americans in the crowd.

It was the realization of a seemingly impossible dream for the self-described “Rejects,” and they wore big grins as they received their gold medals.

But their elation soon turned to bemusement.

After the ceremony, the curlers took a closer look at their prizes and realized that all of them but Landsteiner had been given the gold medal for “women’s curling.”

The Americans reacted the way they had to every setback they faced on the road to gold — they took it in stride and laughed it off.

The mix-up was soon corrected and they got their “men’s curling” medals.

“It wasn’t a big deal at all, I promise,” Shuster said at the team’s press conference.

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