( VIDEO ) As Trump Steps off Marine One, He Looks Back & Shares Adorable Moment with Grandchild

President Trump spent the weekend in Bedminster with daughter Ivanka, son-in-law Jared, and his grandchildren. When he arrived back to the Washington DC, he melted the hearts of Americans when he stepped off Marine One.

When the helicopter arrived in the White House lawn, President Trump stepped off hand-in-hand with his granddaughter Arabella. Watch the sweet moment below:

We expect Trump to be walking down the stairs with some of the press gaggle or his staff but instead he exits the helicopter with his granddaughter Arabella and looks back to hold her hand as they walk together into the White House. Not long after, parents Ivanka and Jared come down to meet them with the rest of the family.

This just shows how President Trump really is one of us. The grandkids would rather hang out with grandpa than walk out with mom and dad. He enjoys the same things as us and he loves his family above all else.

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