( VIDEO ) BILL AND HILLARY Say Canada Is Better Than The United States

Now that Donald Trump is President, Bill and Hillary Clinton think Canada is a better country than the United States.

On the first stop of the Clintons 13-city speaking tour, Bill and Hillary spoke to a mostly empty stadium in Toronto, Canada, while Hillary coughed her way through her time on stage.

Their next stop was Montreal, where the Hillary pushed the Clinton “charitable” Foundation, family slush fund, that’s seen a 58% drop in donations since Hillary lost the election. She also pushed the benefits of living in Canada versus the United States.

“Canada has done such a good job of both managing its contemporary diversity and it has a very interesting immigration system,” he said at the Bell Centre, where he and his wife, former U.S. secretary of state Hillary Rodham Clinton, made their second stop on a paid speaking tour of North America. –

“And yet it’s still Canada. And I just think that you can model the idea that you can become more diverse and still keep your culture and your values. It’s really very good for a modern economy. The United States will have to return to that if it expects to play a positive role in the future.” Montreal Gazette.

“It’s going to be very bleak indeed if we all become more authoritarian and more homogenized and hunkered down on ourselves. It would be a big mistake. We shouldn’t do it,” he said.

Hillary Clinton also touted Canada as superior to the United States.

“I also really applaud the economic model,” she said, noting that the country has socialized health care while still “having one of the most dynamic economies for building the middle class of any place in the world.”

(For the record, the United States is the No. 1 economy in the world, with a $19,390,600,000,000 annual gross domestic product, while Canada is No. 10, with a $1,652,412 annual GDP, according to a 2017 International Monetary Fund report.) –Daily Wire

No one is stopping Bill and Hillary from making Canada their permanent new residence. Think of all the money the United States could save on Secret Service bills if the accused rapist, serial sexual predator, and former president, Bill Clinton and his scandal-ridden wife, Hillary packed up and moved to Montreal. As a bonus, they could take Chelsea and her clan along for the adventure.


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