(VIDEO) Judge Jeanine: Trump Already Carrying Out His Promises!!! Obama Mocks Trump : He Needs A “Magic Wand”…

Judge Jeanine Pirro always was on  President-elect Donald Trump side… She says “Its a miracle,finally we have an incoming President who actually understands how to conduct business for the American people…”

“The “magic wand” that President Trump has that you do not possess President Obama is a brain, a soul, a love for this country that shines through. You could never be accepted as the leader of this country because your one sole agenda was to destroy it, or as you liked to put it “fundamentally change it”. There was no need to change anything because America was already the greatest nation on earth. President Trump gets it, and we the American people know he gets it and that he will do everything to show how exceptional a country and a people we are…not apologize to the world for it like YOU tried to do. I expect an incredible successful eight years for our new president and this insanely awesome country!”

The Conservative Tribune reports, While speaking during a PBS town hall in June, President Barack Obama joked about eventual President-elect Donald Tump’s vow not only to bring back jobs to the United States but also to keep American companies, like the Carrier Corporation, from leaving the country. The Hill reported that when Carrier employee Eric Cottonham asked Obama about his job situation, Obama insinuated that Trump would need a “magic wand” to negotiate those kinds of deals.

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source :http://investmentwatchblog.com


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