Oh Pelosi. The fearless minority leader really has lost all of her marbles. It almost makes you feel bad for her as you watch and wait for something that resembles words to make it out of her mouth. Sadly, it never does.

In an attempt to lash out against the Obamacare repeal and replace… Pelosi struck again. She stumbled and mumbled in between slurs and inaudible words. Scroll down and see this train wreck for yourself.

American Mirror Reports:

At the Democrats’ press conference to denounce the Republicans’ health care bill, perhaps reporters should have asked Nancy Pelosi about her own health.

The House Minority Leader was seen repeatedly slurring her statements, uttering unintelligible gibberish, and repeating words over and over on Wednesday.

“Trumpcare means heart-stopping premium increasing for anything from asthma to cancer and the list goes on — on the alphabet,” Pelosi said with her lip curling up like Elvis Presley.

“The fight against Trumpcare is a fight for children,” Pelosi said moments later. “You’ve heard me — many of you talk about (inaudible) Zoe Madison Lynn.”

Pelosi struggled to speak off the top of her head.

She garbled words as she asked a reporter to say his name, as well as when she tried to say “pre-existing medical condition” when she gave him an answer.

After another reporter asked a question, Pelosi responded, “Thank you for answering that,” and instead of saying “divide,” she said “debide.”

Pelosi looked to staff to help her with the name of the Kaiser Family Foundation as she struggled to recall it.

“Look at some of the experts on this subject, it’s a joke, it’s a very sad, deadly joke,” she said.

As Pelosi’s behavior continues, some Democrats may be wondering if she is a “sad, deadly joke” to their 2018 prospects.


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