(VIDEO) Trump Jr. Wants to Know Why Liberals Rally Against What is Good for America ???

Donald Trump Jr, a very successful and logical minded person still can not fathom the insanity of the liberals.

It seems left want exactly what is the worst for America.

They want open borders so criminal illegals can easily get in.

They want to flood the nation with Islamic refugees that may be a trojan horse for ISIS in America.

They want never ending government programs that will put us deeper and deeper in debt.

They want the U.S. to not drill domestically so we are reliant on Saudi oil.

And they don’t seem to care much for the America Flag or patriotism.

It is truly sad how far gone so many have gone against America.

Donald Trump Jr. can not understand it.

We agree, but we know one thing.

The liberal media is complicit for brainwashing the masses into this type of anti-American thinking.

Donald Trump Jr. said his father accomplished more in his first two months in office than the past two administrations.

“He’s doing things that make sense for America,” Trump Jr. said.

He said President Trump has gotten more done for the country in two months than Presidents Obama and Bush.

Check the video:


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