WATCH: BIKERS FOR TRUMP Ready To Take A Stand Against Antifa Thugs: “Twinkle Toes and Butter Cups”(VIDEO)

These Antifa crybaby snowflakes are not getting paid by Soros any more and are bitching about it openly. Do we need any more proof of who is behind all these anti-American protests?

The kids at Berkley are anarchists disguising themselves as students. they are the ones trying to take away our civil liberties and they need to be stopped by our government.

Because of their latest riots, Ann Coulter canceled her speech at Berkley! These idiots in Berkeley and Atifa have no idea that this just gives Ann Colter even more exposure.!!!

The Bikers for Trump leader Chris Cox is now ready to take action on the University of California Berkeley after conservative commentator Ann Coulter cancelled her speech on the campus Thursday: “We are certainly not looking for a fight… We are here on the defense, not the offense”

Cox met with Berkeley police to discuss their plan of action going forward. He made great points about the need for law and order over violence:

“From what I understand, any rumors that they’ve been told to stand down will be squashed today. They are not going to allow this disobedience, they are not going to allow the ski masks we’ve been seeing around the country, so we still have a presence here at Berkeley today. We don’t want to do anything that is going to give us a public relations black eye. We’ve stayed within the framework of the law and I intend that protesters will continue to stay within the framework of the law”

The best part of the interview is when Cox made this hysterical statement:


What’s hilarious is that these whiny violent little snowflakes don black gear and ski masks and all of the sudden they think they’re the world’s biggest badasses. We’d bet money on the bikers any day. What about you???

Considering the Antifa is using their diapers as masks you can’t expect them to have and IQ above a toddler. It’s evident the way they throw a tantrum and destroy things if you disagree with them…

Trump supporters gathered at the University of California, Berkeley on April 27th to reaffirm the principles of free speech after the school canceled a scheduled lecture by Ann Coulter. Gavin McInnes was given Ann’s original speech and he delivered it in her place.

This is  really inspiring !!!


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