WATCH: ‘The View’ ATTACKS VP Pence’s Respect for His Wife And Marriage (VIDEO)

The liberal television show, ABC’s “The View”, criticized VP Mike Pence for refusing to have dinner alone with women who are not his wife.

The Washington Free Beacon reported:

Jedediah Bila and Sonny Hostin both agreed that it was a sign of respect for Pence’s marriage, while Sara Haines, Joy Behar and former baseball player Alex Rodriguez disagreed, calling it sexist.

“He’s in politics, in one of the sleaziest towns in the country,” Bila said in Pence’s defense. “DC is one of the sleaziest towns. You walk into these bars, you see tons of sleazy behavior.”

“He’s putting his wife front and center and saying, ‘this is what I’m about, this is what I stand for,’” Bila continued.

But Haines argued his decision made it harder for women who want to get ahead and meet Pence. Bila and Hostin said that Pence is not opposed to meeting with women professionally, he just wants to keep himself from being criticized by the press for being accused of having an affair.

“The View” can always be counted on for spewing liberal garbage to its viewers.

The fact that some of hosts indicated that it is sexist that Mike Pence won’t put himself in a position where an affair could happen is absolutely outrageous.


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