Why Many Couples are Choosing Counseling

To an outsider, couples counseling seems like a desperate solution to a relationship that is falling apart. However, it can be a lifesaver that is needed if the couple wants their life together To an outsider, couples counseling seems like a desperate solution to a relationship to survive. Little do many people know – lots of couples choose counseling, and it works. Here are some reasons why couples choose counseling.

Couples Counseling is Faster

What makes couples counseling so effective is how quick it can be for both people involved in the relationship. Individual therapy for each party can take much longer, depending on individuals’ progress, then implementing what they’ve learned in an entirely new context – their relationship. But when a couple is committed to attending regular sessions together, results like improved communication can be much quicker than if the couple does separate individual therapy. When the counselor is able to hear both parties’ point of view, the counselor can discern problems in the relationship much faster than if they were working with them individually.

Counseling can Help Improve Communication

One of the major reasons why couples have problems is because of miscommunication. Even if the couple feels like they are on the same page, there are still communication issues that can arise and lead to conflict. Sometimes, early in a relationship, a person does not express their emotions because they don’t want to cause conflict in the ‘honeymoon’ phase of their time together, and then, seemingly without warning, they explode after years of having pent up grievances. Other times, miscommunication in seemingly simple requests like grocery shopping or household chores may lead to larger conflicts than are necessary, when deeper, root problems that aren’t being addressed are actually the cause of the miscommunication in the first place.

Couples Counseling Sometimes Has a Bittersweet Ending

Almost everyone who goes through couples counseling hopes to have satisfactory results. While many couples’ relationships have been improved through counseling, this is sometimes not the case. The best scenario in some cases is to end the relationship for the benefit of both people. Some partnerships are not meant to be, and counseling can help those realize this and end the relationship in the most amicable way possible. Without counseling, you may still separate, but the process will probably be messier than it would be with the guidance of a counselor.

Couples Counseling Remembers the Good

Whenever a couple is going through a conflict, they will sometimes forget about the good in a relationship. The relationship began for many good reasons due to some great qualities that both people have, and counseling can help you remember this and help to restore the relationship that you had before.

Couples Counseling Promotes Conflict Management
The goal of couples counseling isn’t to end conflict altogether. Conflict is going to happen in relationships, and it can be a healthy part of them too – the problem with conflict is when couples do not know how to manage it. Instead of discussing their issues productively, they’ll escalate the situation into a conflict that can be malicious or hurtful rather than helpful. Counseling teaches the couples how to handle conflict in a reasonable way that doesn’t lead to disaster.

Online Couples Counseling is Available at any Time
Of course, conflicts in your relationship will arise when you’re not physically in the therapist’s office, at all times of day. Online counseling services such as BetterHelp.com can allow the couple to resolve their conflicts at any time and have a mediator whenever a conflict should arise, rather than having to wait to address the conflict during business hours.

There are many reasons to seek couples therapy. Even if there are no major conflicts, couples therapy can help keep your relationship going strong and provide you with solutions for any future problems you may experience. Seek therapy early, and your relationship will have a higher chance of success down the road.

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