WOW !!! ‘Rage Is Not A Policy’, Brokaw Betrays Democrats On National Television In A Way No One Expected (VIDEO)

Former NBC “Nightly News” anchor Tom Brokaw betrayed his Democratic fanbase in order to tell the truth about Democrats. They will be pissed !!!

The Dem party is in disarray and if they think this ‘Resist’ is working. News flash: IT’S NOT.

This Democratic Party is not the same Democratic party our parents and grandparents were proud to be a part of. It is time to stop this garbage and support our president who is trying to repair the damage done over the last 8 years.

Middle America is still waiting for jobs and all the Dems seem to care about is the bizarre claim that they will somehow ‘take out Trump.’ Their main strategy is to spew hate instead of going to inner cities and connecting with America and their struggles. All while in the meantime, Trump is gaining trust from the rest of the country.

“A lot of young people come up to me and say, ‘I’m just outraged by what’s going on. I say, ‘Rage is not a policy.’ That’s my advice to them,” started Brokaw.

“I have friends in the federal judiciary that don’t agree with his philosophy but say there is not a better judge in the federal circuit right now. So why pick that as a fight because who are you going to get next and what issues are you going to raise given the reality of where the Democrats are at this moment,” said Brokaw.

He went on to insult Democrats even more. “Democrats have a lot of reconstruction to do of their own party and that’s what they ought to be thinking about and that’s what they should be getting — they ought to be out in the middle of America saying what do we need to know from you rather than sitting in Washington, reelecting Nancy Pelosi after they lost the House three different times,” said Brokaw.

Watch the video below:



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