Mexican Congressman Climbs Border Fence to Show Trump’s Wall Is ‘Totally Absurd’…Trump Should Electrify it!!!!

Trump Should Electrify it. Let’s see who will have the last laugh. Lol !!!

A Mexican congressman scaled a section of a barrier along the Mexico-United States border in Tijuana on March 2 to illustrate that US President Donald Trump’s plans to build a wall across the length of the border were “totally absurd.”

Braulio Guerra, a congressman from the state of Queretaro, tweeted photos and a video of himself atop a 30-foot tall fence that separates the Mexican border city of Tijuana from the U.S.

The tweet, posted by Braulio Guerra, translates as, “I climbed the wall with the US. Look @realDonaldTrump the absurd and unnecessary spending on this project that offends and damages our good neighborhood.”

“You can climb it with great ease, one climbs in an instant,” Guerra said in the video. “I climbed it in Tijuana, one of the highest parts, even from a distance this looks very complex, but there are young people that go up and down, at all times.”

Guerra did not post photos or video of him climbing the wall, so some questioned how he reached the top and how easy a feat it really is.

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