Clearly Don Lemon had hopes of Morgan Freeman feeding his liberal agenda. WRONG! Morgan Freeman shuts down CNN race baiter Don Lemon. This is an interview from a few years back but there is still just as much truth to it today.

It’s great to see that a successful actor from Hollywood realizes race has nothing to do with income inequality in the 21st century. Morgan Freeman even calls bullsh*t when Don Lemon questions the pull up your bootstraps rhetoric.

Don Lemon is looking to provide an excuse for everyone on the left that cries when they aren’t able to get where they want to be. You can even tell far left Don Lemon is moved by this interview. He leans forward in his seat and is really taking in the message of Morgan Freeman. This segment didn’t turn out to be what CNN wanted it to be, but it did turn out to be a viral video clip that inspired many. Evan Fake News CNN can back into a great segment every once in a while.

There’s a great message to this story. Morgan Freeman was born in Memphis, Tennessee. Things were very different when he was born. He can speak to this issue better than most. He was around when race played a big role in affecting one’s wealth. Now he is able to say, with confidence, that everyone has just as much of a chance to attain wealth. A black man Morgan Freeman’s age who was born in the South. Who better to call out the leftist agenda of race affecting wealth than him? “The bus runs every day.” How great is that?


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