Senator Warren Net Worth Revealed, How Did She Make $15 Million As A Congresswoman?

US Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts attends a Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee hearing on Capitol Hill, on February 27, 2014. AFP PHOTO / Saul LOEB (Photo credit should read SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)

United States Senator Elizabeth Warren has made quite a name for herself since she first became a Senator from Massachusetts in 2012. In four years, she has gone from first time Senator to potential face of the Democratic Party. It’s quite the accomplishment, but naturally it’s riddled with mystery.

Warren has risen through the Democratic Party, amid controversy over her heritage. She claims that she is Native American, something that her opponent in the 2012 Senate race criticized because she hasn’t allowed the public to see if her claim can be verified. Naturally, that isn’t all the controversy surrounding Warren.

As with most Senators, she is quite wealthy. In fact, she is in the top one percent of the nation, and yet she claims to be a fighter for the middle class. Her tax returns however, show that she was worth about $15 million at the time of her Senate race.

A Congresswoman worth $15 million? How in the world can she claim to be a fighter for the middle class when she is worth that much money? Also, how in the world did she even make all that money? As a Senator, she earns approximately $174,000 per year.

Basic math shows that someone who makes that much over the course of one term, which is six years, would only give a total of $1,044,000. While that is a lot of money, you still have to subtract two years from that total, because she hasn’t served that time yet. So after the subtraction, her net worth as a Senator is only worth a little under $700,000, before taxes of course.

While that’s quite a bit of money, it’s still a long ways away from the nearly $15 million. Other tax return records show that she earned $430,000 per year as a professor at Harvard. She served as Harvard Law Professor until she won her now Senate seat.

She spent about 20 full years as a professor. With the latest salary, that gives a grand total of just over $8 million. That’s still a far cry from the $15 million she was worth during her Senate run. However that was just the latest salary. That wasn’t telling if she had had any raises or what. So we can agree that the number is skewed a little and that was before taxes.

So the additional income streams come from royalties and some book deals. Again, this is someone that was worth $15 million and about half of that came from her time as a professor. You’re telling me that the other half came from some book deals?

That’s not the only questionable part about Senator Warren. As stated before, she has claimed to be Native American, but there are no public records showing that. Her political opponent, Republican Scott Brown in 2012, suggested that she used this claim to gain a professional advantage while employed at Harvard.

She also felt these accusations when then Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump blasted her and accused her of being a fraud. A campaign rally in Oregon in early May had Trump saying this about Warren.

“Her whole career is a fraud because she goes out and she says she’s a Native American. I won’t use the word Indian because they say it’s not a nice word to use. So I will not say Indian,” he said to the crowd, adding, “She is a Native American, five percent. And therefore her whole career because she was a minority – it’s a disgrace what’s going on in our country.”

Warren to this day has not answered the heritage question. So we have a United States Senator, and basically the new face of the destroyed Democratic Party, making a tremendous amount of money on a salary that hasn’t come close to the total wealth she claimed on her taxes while claiming to be Native American and yet not showing the public anything about that.

What a brilliant choice that the Democrats have made for the new voice of the party. For a Party that seems to want to move on from Hillary Clinton, another person that has had mysterious money growth in her run to be a Senator, they didn’t go very far.

Senator Warren has already made a name for herself as someone that doesn’t respect the rules of the Senate either. During the confirmation hearing for Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Warren spent the time blasting Session’s character, which was a violation of the rules considering that he was still a Senator at the time. This blatant rule violation caused Warren to be dismissed from the Senate floor.

This is something that Warren didn’t quite understand as she has blasted President Trump’s Cabinet appointees before and she was publicly humiliated as a result from it. She should learn to stop talking when in these situations because all it is doing is embarrassing her and causing a delay in progress for the nation.

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