Video: Pelosi Belligerently Babbles Like a Fool, Can’t Even Complete a Sentence

Nancy Pelosi misspoke time and time again during a brief statement she gave. It is embarrassing, on behalf of the Democrats of course. Even Auntie Maxine appears to be thoroughly unimpressed in the background.

“The Trump administration and the Trump family have pa— eagerly ex— uh, intended to collude with a hostile foreign policy,” she rambled, likely intending to say “power” instead of “policy.” She stumbled along, “Members of Congress take a sa— sacred oath.”

Unfortunately it did not stop there, “What do the Russians have politically, financially, uh, uh, or— and any— personally on Donald Trump that he fawns over Putin, uh, questions sanctions, uh—.” Go make some popcorn because it takes a while for the rest of the sentence to make its way out of her mouth…..“Uh— is— reckless when it comes to Article V.”

She then began to condemn President Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner. She wants his security clearance at the White House revokes. She barely got it out,  “It’s absolutely ridiculous that he should have, have that, that clearance. Today we are announcing a new coo-nated effort to force votes to get answers for the American people.”

Is Pelosi drinking before giving briefings? Why is it so hard for her to figure out how to pronounce the word, “coordinated?

She continues, “We will force Republicans to take votes on the record to continue, uh, from, from hiding the facts from the American people. House Republicans will have to ask for their actions and one of the questions they will have— some of the questions they will have to answer will be posed by our colleagues…”

Even if Republicans did have something to answer for, how long would it take Pelosi to ask the question? We may all grow old and die before anyone has a chance to answer anything!

Watch the embarrassing statement for yourself:


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